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Why your business needs SEO and why it doesn’t?

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From a businessman to a common person all those who are inquisitive to know about the SEO, this article will help you to get the basic information about it. Yes I know, the first query striking in your mind will be what is SEO?

You might have heard the word “SEO” many times in recent years but here is the exact information about it ?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is an art of optimizing websites to the search engines like “Google”, “Bing” and “Yahoo” etc. in the way to bring your site in the search result for relevant queries of people.

How does it help business in terms of revenue?

Today almost half of the people in the world have started using the internet, it may be queries related to health, business or studies. People nowadays instantly go to search engine like Google to get more information about it.

Especially countries like India, Internet user’s rate proliferates every year enormously. This growth is helping a lot of industries to ease their business process like online shopping, online tutorial, SEM etc.

In the business world, there are two major categories of businesses B2B and B2C. For both the type of businesses internet is helping them in terms of revenue. For B2B the Official sites and LinkedIn platforms are greatly helping their business.

While in the case of B2C, Business Sites and the Social media platforms play major role in bringing business enquiry.

When do we need SEO for our business?

For better-understating let take a situational example. You are running a Multimedia Printing press offering all types of printing services from Visiting cards to Marriage invitations etc. and your business located in Vadapalani,Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

As I am one of the people who live in Vadapalani, for my marriage invitation I would like to know where are the “Marriage Invitation printing press located near me”. If your site appears in the first three positions of the Google search result people are likely to visit the site and the store. Among the competition, two things help the business to drop me in your store which is the reviews and discounts.

This is how your business will get more clients and revenues. Time to leverage the Digital medium.

When don’t we need SEO for our business?

Yes, this is also important to avoid unnecessary expenses. Situational Example: if you are running an IT Company and you are getting enough business every year via referral and cold call that means your business is expanding. If this is the case what is the point of getting into SEO, Even if you get a lot of business via SEO how would an enterprise manage it?
So before you start doing SEO, You should be very clear on the purpose of doing this and what it’s ROI.

Yes, we also have an advantage in this SEO strategy which is branding, But it is essential that we should have the crystal clear in-depth strategy before kick starts any campaign.

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